API Frequently Asked Questions

Scanning the API chat we had noticed every now again these questions frequently pop up. So we decided to some of them here for easy reference.

  • How come I keep getting this error “Timestamp for this request is outside of the recvWindow.”?

    This usually means that your system time is not in sync with the server time. So check that your clock is in sync. If after syncing it still fails, the issue may be the recvWindow value.

  • My IP was blocked because I used up the limits! How can I prevent hitting those limits?

    If your goal is to retrieve market data, we recommend using the websockets as this will not count against your IP limits. Information on websocket usage can be found in our API Documentation.

  • How do I get the information on a symbol?

    You can use the endpoint api/v3/exchangeInfo for SPOT and fapi/v1/exchangeInfo for FUTURES.

  • I got this error code. What does it mean?

    The API Documentation contains all the error codes and a short explanation.

  • Why am I getting this message “Rest API Trading not enabled”?

    This likely means that the API is under maintenance. Please check the API Announcements
    group for any System Downtime.

  • Is anyone from Customer Service here?

    This place is for users to ask questions regarding their code, or usage of the API. Anything that requires someone from Customer Service (e.g. funds locked, 2FA not working, etc) cannot be answered here.

    Please go to the Customer Service Page for these kinds of queries.