How do I cancel expired orders?

You actually can’t, but some people don’t know that.

I found out that a category needs to be set for the solution PER subcategory it seems.

Bit annoying because there’s a lot to configure.

ha, interesting to know. Lucky we don’t have much sub categories.

You can’t.
Granted, we never talk about this in the documentation but EXPIRED orders can be caused by

  • Creating a Market Order but there’s no order on the book.
  • Canceling an Order on a delisted symbol

You can’t cancel an expired order. Period. Mark this as solved.

To learn more information about this, please refer to this document below:

(Looks like there’s no preview link)

Kind of annoying, but you can in theory post topics in a main category.
There is no setting to stop people from focusing only on subcategories.

Can you find anything in the settings? @jeremy? Maybe I missed it.

Yeah just good to keep in mind when setting up.

So it seems every subcategory may not inherit the category’s settings. So let’s just keep in mind.